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We provide you and your family members with services of Quran reading, Quran learning, Quran recitation and Qur'an understanding through the knowledge and wisdom of our professionally trained Quran tutors. Our services include:

  • Basic Qur'an Reading Lessons
  • Islamic concepts for Muslim brothers and sisters
  • Memorization of Quran
  • Quran Recitation and Translation Classes
We organize one-to-one live interactive Quran classes with male or Female Qari or Qaria who are experienced and are experts in their calling. To get started with the program that has enlightened the hearts of thousands of students all over the world with the noor of the Holy Quran, all you need is a computer with headphones and internet connection. It doesn’t matter if you age 4 or 70; we are here to help you with your problems if you have the will to learn.

Four years of successful experience in teaching Quran online, makes us righteous in saying that we have always provided our students with integrity, credibility and excellence, Alhamdulillah!. Once you decide to take any of the courses offered, the reliability of this platform can be completely trusted.

We understand that Muslims living in Non-Muslim world are facing extreme difficulties to get their children learnt to recite Holy Quran accurately by an expert tutor. They do have Madrassas, mosques and Islamic teaching centers. But, firstly, they can not have one to one session with the teacher and the teacher can not concentrate to each student individually. Secondly, we know that vast majority of people are engaged in full time commitments like full time work, study and family responsibilities and they can not have enough time to send their children to the institutes, especially children and sisters are having problems while going to mosques and Islamic centers to learn Quran. As environment in society and even amongst Muslims is not ideal for going on the path of knowledge whilst trying to retain their modesty.

Who can Benefit ?

What do you think when you see a Qari reciting the Holy Quran in beautiful melodious voice? How does he do that? Will I ever be able to recite this Holy book in such a beautiful manner? Do you think when you are reading the Holy Quran, it's correct?, with proper Tajweed rules?, if not, then be assure that reading the Holy Quran with incorrect pronunciation will change meanings, hence you may be producing Sins instead of Rewards.
Well! Solution of all of your problems regarding Quran learning is HERE, with the grace of Almighty Allah Subhana Watallah and a little help from our side.

So, What are you waiting for?

Register with any of our special range of Quranic courses as per your interest and enter the world of simplified Quran learning platform.

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